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Celebrity Comics BabbleCelebrity Comics Babble
ISBN: 978-0-9829282-0-2

34 stars in their own words

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“They saw my act ... and when I auditioned my material, they said I couldn’t play myself. %!@&!!!”

-Lewis Black

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A Note From The Publisher

greg giraldoWhile printing, the comedy industry lost stars whose careers and words are featured within. It is acknowledged with deep sorrow that

Robert Schimmel passed on September 3, 2010; and with great sadness that

Greg Giraldo’s lifetime in comedy was tragically cut short on September 29, 2010.

Rest in peace and laughter.

PHOTO: Greg Giraldo with Elayne Boosler

Excerpts from
Celebrity Comics Babble

“Once you been performing on the streets you can conquer any venue.”
Dave Chappelle

“It must be doing the set on TV that sucks the funny out.”
Greg Giraldo - RIP

“I want my ashes either with some really good primo or as some fertilizer for plants.”
Tommy Chong

“Actually what he said was, ‘You really shouldn’t ever, ever publicly sing again."
Elayne Boosler

“You have to enjoy the process.”
Jeffrey Ross

“I would prefer not to be in a car with someone who can’t really drive that well!”
Tommy Davidson

“You’ll find yourself knocking at the door. F--- that! Just take the door off the hinges.”
Tracy Morgan

“I was born funny.”
Buddy Hackett

“I’m the best at being lucky.”
Pat Cooper



...if I said she changed she became a bitch, no she was always a bitch, she just couldn’t afford to be one.”
Dom Irrera

“My sense of stand up comedy would be so esoteric.”
Paul Rudd

““They'd like to try to develop a sitcom deal. Is that something you'd be interested in?”

‘No, no I want to continue doing the one nighters in Jersey!"
Adam Ferrara

“So there were these eight blue haired old whores fighting over me.... “
Lisa Lampanelli

“After five minutes I was hooked, and my neck still hurts now and then from it.”
Emo Phillips

“I walked down the street and there were prostitutes in windows like suits...”
Rich Vos

“I couldn’t wait to get on a series, then I got on a series, and all I wanted to do was stand-up.”
Judy Gold



Performers, especially comedians, are a special breed. The great performers have the ability to bare their souls, their inner truth, thoughts, to share pain, failures and entertain the public with that. Comedians make us laugh at it.

The stars we can not forget seem to share an almost inhuman deafness to rejection, a passion and a drive that one could only relate to a self-made billionaire. The difference is that the performers who make a lasting impression on us, do not do it for money. They feed off of an audience; comedians need laughter for fulfillment.

  • What motivates them?
  • Who helped and inspired them
  • What is the business really like?
  • How did they become famous?

Celebrity Comics Babble™ Volume 1 is a romp down a red carpet of comedy stars. Its unrivaled line up of celebrity interviews from The Comic Bible magazine tell the tales of over thirty of the Worlds favorite comedic performers.

With humor, in their own words, celebrities share their passion, their motivation, their beginnings, struggles, desires, work ethic, the secrets to their success and behind the laughter.

Stand Up and READ this! Inside Celebrity Comics Babble 34 Star Interviews – Ray Romano Tracy Morgan Andy Kindler Elayne Boosler Darrel Hammond Dom Irrera Wanda Sykes Paul Rudd The Sklar Brothers Greg Giraldo Adam Ferrara Tommy Davidson Lisa Lampanelli Jeffrey Ross Dave Chappelle Emo Phillips Rich Vos Judy Gold Tommy Chong Robert Schimmel Dean Haglund Marsha Warfield Lewis Black Jim Norton Mario Cantone Bob Nelson Freddie Roman Tom Schiller Louise Duart Pat Cooper Eric Bogosian Sketch / Improv Stars: – Michael Ian Black –Thomas Lennon –Ben Garant Robert Klein Buddy Hackett
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Celebrity Comics Babble™ Volume 1 is a compilation of interviews from The Comic Bible™ magazine. The Comic Bible™ magazine ISSN # 1095-1105 Published and Copyright 1996-2011 by MAP/PMS Celebrity Comics Babble™ ISBN # 978-0-9829282-0-2 Published by PMS Productions Inc. Copyright 2011 PMS Productions Inc. All are trademarks and All rights reserved.